Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Strange Internet

So an art collective from FL. found me, an old roomate stumbled accros me, and my mother now reads something about my once secret day. How strange this place is.

New York was great, hung out with Joe Fife and Mr. Volk. Got introduced to some gallery people. Learned I need to know more about editing. Getting ready for Chicago and the great Church of Ikea Revival. There will be more on that later. I think it is about time to set up another website for the good Church.

OK, all is well, and soon will be better. As for thanksgiving I have a strong urge to read and watch movies all day. Maybe a parade.

Sleep well Richmond. Get ready for Monday night Poetry over at the Firehouse. I need to write some for that event as well. Damn. Too much for one little bear.

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