Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hop to it

I am supposed to be packing for my conference in Ottawa but I'm putting it off and posting pictures of cute bunny rabbits who live in the juniper bushes at work. Because I hate packing. Especially in June, when the weather can't decide to be cold or hot. How the hell am I supposed to pack for that? I've been bare-legged and short-skirted since the third week of May, and I'm freezing my tochas off. I've had to "dress up" with long-sleeved sweaters two Saturday nights in a row now - once for a Confirmation and once for a post-wedding hooha. It's June, goddammit! It's supposed to be strappy-sandals-and-gauzy dresses weather, and I'm wearing long sleeves and goosebumps.

OK, OK, I'll pack now. I'll guess I'll blog again when I get back. Oh, there will be an onsite "internet cafe" at the conference, but hello - it's a national conference of librarians. The only line-up that will rival that one is the line outside the ladies' room. I'll be in my mid-thirties before I get a chance to post (or pee).