Tuesday, 6 December 2011

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I wish some times this hting had a computer voice. And that voice would be a circa 1890's newsie hawking the extra press. Do they even make the extra eddition? I have never in my life seen one. Anyway, horid article from Style Weekly on parking problems in the fan. Yes I read it, and found it without any substance to show cause for the parking problem. I haven't had my coffee yet, and it is the first day of classes. My dreams last night were quite eventful. Had another one of my now normal seige dreams. Where zombies, or fighters, or crazy people are trying to take over some town, fort, or building that a select few people with me are holding up in. They have been happening a hell of a lot recently, and are actually starting to scare me. I guess in real life since I just worry so much and don't get a lot done, that in my dreams I have to act quick and think about it later. I hope it is just a symptom of stress and in a short while they will stop. Reading a great play, "A Man's A Man." By our favorite social agitator, Brecht. I keep wanting to call him Bertold, but I don't think that is his first name. Anyway, it relates extremely to the Laurie Anderson Video I just watched about what "Oh Superman" is all about. They both use song to externalize the post-m. age. Let's hope this thing tomorrow has spell checker working again. Cause I already see two missspellings that I don't know how to fix without spell checker.
TO all my students, good luck today finding a parking spot. YOu should buy a bike, but don't park it under the pollak building. And Joe Seipel.... Put some lights on that thing at night. Safety of your students is at risk mister!

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