Tuesday, 6 December 2011

New Video

New Genres

Last night I walked in a circle for an hour trying to figure out what I was doing the minute I started walking in the circle. I was attempting to discover my initial thought by circling around it 200 times. I ended up dizzy, and sick. I thought typing about it would get it out of my system and help me to understand my mistake in the process of making the video. Or perhaps it was the camera being on that facilitated my nervous stomach. Perhaps it was the radiation waves that came from the camera that made me feel uneasy inside.
It could have been the car sound that kept driving by, or the fact that I didn’t want the camera to fall from it’s precarious spot in the rafters. I don’t know if it might have been a combination of these things, or the fact that I didn’t have any food in my stomach, and hadn’t drunk much water that day.

I thought of all these things after the fact, I don't remember what I was thinking durring the video, but these things are important and need to be inside the video somehow. Perhaps a new video, of me watching the old one, and commenting on it somehow. that might be interesting. That might illuminate the action better.

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