Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Keep Posting?

People (five) have been telling me to keep writing and posting about art, school, and just thoughts.

C3, whatever that is, has asked me to join them for a meeting about setting up a networking team for Richmond Artists. I have my fears, but think why not. Why not go and meet some more people, make some connections, talk up my work, and dream about having another "Orange Door."

Saw the new work of old friend, Heide Trepanier the other night. Her show on Main is quite strong. I have heard some gawk about her paintings for a while now, and blame it on envy. Yes her paintings look easy, simple, and quick. But she is doing them, and you aren't. You might have been doing them in your bedroom for 6 years, but she got them out first. There seems to be a rule that if something is in the air, some idea, project, art piece, you must go ahead and get it out there because someone else will if you don't. Myron used to say "don't worry about someone stealing your ideas, cause you will have more." I couldn't agree more. Yes it hurts but so be it. Anyway, Heide, I am sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you about the new work. you have big shots around you. I was hungry and tired. But nothing makes me happier than to see someone who deserves success recieve it.

The Cal Arts exchange show is approaching soon. I finished editing some new video as a comp to mail off. I'm not super happy with it, but the school wouldn't do my original idea. (Buy 100 bucks worth of Fruit and put it in the gallery)

Sent out five job applications, need to get my refference letters back from, well, my refferences. Worked on the course ideas for NEW GENRES that I teach in three days. Quite Scared but also excited.

Julia is hanging out with an old friend, and I wish I purchased a gift card for a free portrait of us at WalMart. That would have been a funny thing to give to people.

Joel, bless his heart, helped me get the website back up. www.notapracticerun.com And I am so happy about it.

Review of shows, well, nothing really hit me that much. I dug ADA he is all that is left on Broad other than 1708 that I even walk into now. John has a good eye for smart work.

Fiore's show looks great, and I am sure she will just keep cranking away. I hate that she figured out how to do drawings form fireworks.... But I'll have another idea tomorrow.

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